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December 2021

I have long dreamed of sailing the Virgin Islands, and the day came. We returned to the US Virgin Islands for a lovely sailing trip, circumnavigating St. John. Click on a thumbnail to check out the picture gallery!



November 2021

We made it down to Alabama to check out the rocket center, which we were especially excited about after visiting the space center in Cape Canaveral. It was really cool, can't go wrong with giant rockets!

Huntsville Huntsville Huntsville


September 2021

A Fall camping and hiking trip to New Hampshire was as lovely as it usually is that time of year. And we couldn't resist taking a couple days to visit Maine for lobster and lighthouses.

New Hampshire Maine Maine


July 2021

There are some iconic and spectacular sights in the Black Hills region. We spent nearly a week there, and could have spent another.

Devils Tower Black Hills 1 Black Hills 1
Black Hills 1 Black Hills 2 The Badlands


June 2021

We made a sailing trip to the exotic shores of... Wisconsin! The Apostle Islands in Lake Superior were a lovely sailing ground with red rock sea caves and lovely beaches.

Lake Superior Lake Superior Lake Superior


May 2021

We made yet another trip to Yosemite, one of the most majestic of national parks, and also visited Portland for the first time.

Yosemite Portland Bay area birds


February 2021

Escaping the... OK, not the cold California winter, but escaping something to enjoy a nice long weekend in Hawaii!

Oahu 1 Oahu 1 Oahu 2


January 2021

We kicked off the new year right with a winter trip to Big Sky, Montana and a day in Yellowstone. Everything is beautiful with a nice layer of powder on it!

Big Sky Yellowstone Yellowstone


December 2020

Ah, 2020. What a year! We ended it well with a weekend stay in Sedona, featuring a lot of hiking and relaxing.

Sedona Sedona Sedona


September 2020

We kicked off the Fall season with a last-minute trip to Glacier National Park. It was a lovely, warm weekend, one of the last of the year. We hiked a ton and enjoyed incredible vistas all over!

Glacier 1 Glacier 1 Glacier 2


September 2020

We wrapped up Summer 2020 with a couple classic California camping destinations: Lake Tahoe and Lassen National Park. Lake Tahoe felt like Spring Break in Mexico - it was obnoxiously crowded. But Lassen was a lovely escape.

Lake Tahoe Lassen 1 Lassen 2


August 2020

A few trips to local California National Parks: Pinnacles and the Channel Islands. Pinnacles was just a short overnight trip, but the Channel Islands was an awesome 3-night backpacking trip spanning two islands.

Pinnacles Channel Islands 1 Channel Islands 2