This site has been a transforming toy of mine since 2002 (!!). Maintaining my web server and playing around with web design is a hobby of mine. The content of the site varied through its early years, but for about the last decade it has been a place to store my travel pictures.

Every page on this site was written in Kwrite, my favorite gui text editor. Most image editing was done using the Gimp, with ImageMagick for batch resizing. I host the site on my personal Apache server, which is running on a Raspberry Pi B. This is the actual server currently serving you this content:

Before the Raspberry Pi came out, I hosted this page on a hard-modded xbox running Debian. I bought an xbox off craigslist for $25, installed a modchip and Debian, and it served me well for close to 5 years! Here is a picture of the server of yesteryear:

Graphics by Gimp PHP Apache Debian Raspberry Pi

When I'm not writing new scripts for my webserver or visiting distant cities, I'm usually working away as a data scientist at Facebook.