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August 2019

Late summer we spent a bunch of time in the four corners area and visited a few places we hadn't yet been to, like House on Fire. We also made it for another couple days at Rocky Mountain NP. Click on a picture below to go to a gallery.


May 2019

Spring was a great chance to visit some of the California national parks that we hadn't made it to yet: Sequoia, King's Canyon, and Redwoods. All of these featured really big trees, but otherwise were really different. We also spent a weekend down in San Diego.


February 2019

We took a long weekend trip down to LA, Palm Springs, and Joshua Tree NP. We did some backcountry camping at Joshua Tree, which was a much more pleasant setting than the cramped campgrounds.


December 2018

We did a two week road trip through southern Florida, starting at Sanibel Island, heading down through the Everglades all the way to Key West, and then back up to Siesta Key. Great wildlife, great beaches, all around a great time.


October 2018

We spent a few days hiking in the Rocky Mountain National Park. Late October was a bit of a gamble with the weather, but it paid off big time.


September 2018

We made it to the Great Barrier Reef. The coral was incredible. We also spent a few days on land searching for some iconic Australian wildlife, and were successful in seeing platypuses and koalas in the wild.


June 2018

We went to Scotland for a conference, and then stuck around for another week to tour around a bit. We made it to some beautiful landscapes and to a puffin nesting ground.


March 2018

We took a couple of trips in the early part of the year within California: over to Monterey, and down to Newport Beach in order to sail out to Santa Catalina Island.


December 2017

A winter trip to the Arctic to see the northern lights. It was a huge success.


November 2017

A roundup of a few small summer adventures: Charleston S.C., the total solar eclipse, and a lot of sailing in the SF Bay.